My latest project

This was a full landscaping project in Bend.  I did this from mid April until mid June.

Hi Folks,

Thanks for being here.

I offer high quality and complete yard maintenance, and some other services, including most "Odd Jobs".  I am not a professional Landscaper, but I do offer some services that fall into the light landscaping category.  This includes raking, blowing, limbing, trimming, repairing, etc.  I service the Prineville, Redmond, and Bend, Oregon area.

I offer cleaning of businesses.  Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, sterilizing, and anything else involving cleaning.

Firewood cutting and delivering during the time of year when BLM allows cutting of wood - usually May through November.

Snow removal - driveways, sidewalks, etc.

If there is anything else you may need, just ask, and if it's something I can do, I'll be happy to do it.

I am competitively priced, and I move quickly.  One thing I like my customers to keep in mind that I work fast, I won't waste time, I'll get right to it, stay with it until I finish the job; and I will never sacrifice quality for time. I will always be fair and honest, and I will work with you on anything you need done.  If it's something I'm capable of doing, I'll be happy to do it.

My price is $40 per man hour.  Most already understand this, but for those who don't, if I do the job by myself, it's $40 per hour, if I bring a second person, I double the hourly price, but of course, we get done in half the time.  The result is that you pay exactly the same whether it's one person, or a two person team.

I don't charge for estimates or walk throughs.


I accept cash, personal check, money order, and Zelle.  Checks are to made out to:  Lee Jones.  Mahalo :D .

You can contact me at:

Ph:  530-307-2297